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The Adventures of Monty and Willy

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This site is dedicated to two of the greatest modern-day explores of the Western United States. Their travels are told the world over by those who have heard some of their tales told to them first hand. And by those who have passed these stories to others like folklore of the present.

Not all of their adventures will be found at this site. There are far too many. This site would continue to grow, beyond the limits imposed by the Moab Convention. Thereby, making this site illegal and, perhaps, dangerous as well.

Instead this site is dedicated to some of Monty and Willy's adventures. Those that have been told to many others before (Perhaps, you have heard one of these tales before as you sat around a campfire at a KOA campground listening to the tales of another camper); those that have been mis-told as folklore often becomes; some of their favorite adventures (at least they're my favorites); and some that have never been told publicly ever before.

Although, this is THE OFFICIAL ADVENTURES OF MONTY AND WILLY WEB SITE, none of the content is written by either Monty or Willy. The stories found here are my transcriptions of the adventures as told to me, Malcolm Tasz. I have been a close friend to both Monty and Willy for most of my life. A life certainly made better by my association with the two greatest adventurers since The Eagle landed in that wonderfully magical year of 1969.

So, sit back and enjoy the ride. Seat belts are required during takeoff and landing and times of excitement!

"I see a road!"

The Adventures

Monty and Willy Enter Goblin Valley
The first installment of the famous duo's Halloween adventure into the unknown. A well known story but worth telling again.
Monty and Willy Meet Don Juan?
The continuing saga of Monty and Willy's adventure in Goblin Valley. Do they really meet Don Juan? Or, is it their imagination?
Monty and Willy and The Island in the Sky
The "hair-burning" conclusion to The Duos' famous Halloween adventure.

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Advanced Internet, Inc.
Our ISP, Baby. There is none better.
The Dr. of Rockology's Home Page
A good friend of Monty and Willy's. An interesting site with many interesting subjects with links to take you to many interesting places.
Max Bertola's Southern Utah
A wonderful Site that will take you all over the most beautifl place on Earth and keep you busy for a while.
Fred Elbel's Utah Wilderness Surf Sites
Another favorite of Monty and Willy. Be sure to check it out if you want to know more about Utah.

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This page was born on October 27, 1998. Since then, it has been visited times by intrepid adventerers in search of excitement and danger.